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Fototentoonstelling in Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden

Category: Cultuur

Vanaf 22 april is er in het Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden de prachtige expositie van fotograaf Jimmy Nelson (1967) te zien, LEVE DE MENS! Jimmy Nelson reisde de wereld rond om volken te fotograferen, voordat deze bijzondere culturen hun bestaan verliezen. Zo heeft hij onder andere de Chukchi in Siberie,  de Dani in Papua en de Kazakhs uit Mongolië gefotografeerd. Jimmy Nelson was erg onder de indruk van zijn reis door Mongolië.   Jimmy Nelson: ‘’We went north by plane to the subarctic taiga to photograph the Tsaatan tribe. Then west to the remote mountainous region of Bayan Olgii for the Kazakh tribe. We were astonished by the vastness of Mongolia. For hours we flew over beautifully desolate snow-covered mountains without a single sign of civilization anywhere. Except for maybe the odd little plume of smoke from a campfire somewhere far down below. Rarely in the project were there so many aspects that were balanced in harmony: the aesthetics, the landscape, culture, the surroundings and the soul of the people. Out of all the places we visited, this is where it all balanced. That said, the conditions were very difficult to work in. The ice-cold wind made the going terribly tough. But on the other hand the flow of the energy was very easy, because the people were giving us so much.”